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The beautiful city of Pomona is part of the Los Angeles County. Regarding the Bail Bonds Process must be followed the Los Angeles Police Department rules and guidelines. The Pomona Police Department is the place where all the arrested people getting transferred and is located at 490 W Mission Blvd, Pomona, CA 91766. Exceptions can be made only if the arrestee suffers from a serious medical condition.

At the arrival in the Police Department, the booking process starts and the defendant is going to be added to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Database. When that is over, the inmate is going to be taken to complete the fingerprints process which can be done with the help of a machine called Live Scan and is directly connected to the Department of Justice. The purpose of that process is to see if the inmate has any pending warrants or if is wanted by any other law agency. Until the results are available to the Jailer so he can determine if the arrestee is cleared for bail, the bondsman can not turn in the paperwork needed for the bail bond process to start. The waiting time duration is around 45 minutes to several hours.

When the inmate is cleared for release, the bail bondsman is going to turn in the paperwork and the defendant will be released in about half an hour. Once the arrestee is released, the bondsman is going to hand you or to the defendant, an official receipt that includes all the defendant’s charges together with the court date and time and of course the address of the courthouse that the defendant was assigned to.

It is crucial the defendant to show up to court at the assigned date and time and for that reason the bondsman is going to keep contact with you or the defendant to make sure he/she will be on track and will be able to attend the court.

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Here in Bail Bonds Pomona, our highly trained and extremely experienced local agents are available to the citizens of Pomona 24/7. They are working around the clock to serve in the best way and help people to stay out of jail. Our licensed agents are by far some of the best in the bail bonds business and they determined and motivated to serve the great city of Pomona no matter what.

Our office is never closed and we are ready at anytime to help those in need and to handle an emergency situation or even just provide information and advices about bail bonds.        

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