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Pomona Bail Bonds FAQs











What will a bail bonds in Pomona cost me?


The set price for a bail bond in California is set by California state law, which is 10% of the full bail amount. There are no other fees or charges for a bail bond.


What can I use for collateral?


You can use anything that you own that holds some value that we could use as insurance for you monthly payments. Collateral could also be used to make sure that the defendant appears to court on his or her assigned date and time.


When can I expect to have my collateral returned to me?


Your collateral will be returned to you once you have made all of your payments on your payment plan or once the defendant’s case is resolved.


What is a bail bond?


A bail bond is issued by a bail bond agency that is backed by a surety company, which is why is referred to as a surety bond. The agent will have the client sign a contract that ensures that bail amount will be posted by the bail bond agency on behalf of the defendant as long as the defendant guarantees that he or she will appear to his or her assigned court date.


What kinds of payments do you accept?


We accept any of the major credit cards, cash, or a personal check. But, if you need assistance with the amount, then we can offer you the option of setting up a payment plan.


How much interest will I have to pay on a payment plan?


Our agency does not charge an interest rate for any payment plan so, you will not have to pay any interest on your bail bond.


What makes a crime a felony?


If the crime is considered a crime with a high sense of seriousness, then it is considered a felony and is usually punished by the U.S. with more than a year in jail.


What makes a crime a misdemeanor?


Any crime that is considered a crime with some sense of seriousness is considered a misdemeanor. These crimes include any major traffic violation and minor moral crimes.


What happens if I cannot appear to court on my assigned date?


If you are unable to appear to court, then talk to your bail bondsman in order to get an extension on the court date, but if you miss your court date, then the court will issue a bench warrant for you. You will need to contact your bail bondsman right away so that they could give you the proper paperwork for you to fill out and turn in.


Do I qualify for a bail bond for Pomona jail?


We try to accept all of the bail bond applications that we get, but you will either have to stop by the office or give us a call to complete the application for the bail bond. Then you or the defendant will have to sign some paperwork stating that the person who signed will take full responsibility for the defendant appearing to court on his or her assigned date.

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