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Over 30 years of combined experience

bail bonds pomona ca team

Like I said earlier, we know that there are hundreds of bail bond agencies to choose from, making it hard for you to choose the best one that is the most trustful.


Let your search end here because our team of agents are highly trained in the bail bond process for the city Pomona, which means that you will not be dealing with an amateur. Our team of agents collectively have about 30 years of experience with the bail bond process in the state of California.

Excellent Customer Service

excellent customer support

We also make sure to train our agents in the art of customer service so that you will only be treated with the outmost respect that everybody deserves.


Bail Bonds Pomona does not hire just any agent, they have to meet a strict set of qualifications in order to be considered for the job. We do this to make sure that our agents are in this to help out residents and not because of the money.

Easy payment programs

easy payment programs

If you have any trouble coming up with the money to pay for your bail bond, then talk to one of our agents so they he or she could set up a payment plan for you that fits your budget. We are in this together and our amazing team of agents at Bail Bonds Pomona will make sure that you are well taken care of.


We try to help everyone that we can and hardly ever turn down a bail bond application so that we could live up to our mission by trying to help every resident of the city.

Friendly Agents

friendly bail bondsman

Our company is growing, which means our training for our bail agents must be strict to ensure that all of our clients are treated with the same respect. Our agents will not make you sign anything or do anything without explaining the process or the reason for it.


This makes sure that you know exactly what your responsibilities are before you fill out the paperwork. So hurry and call us at Wild West Bail Bonds Pomona so one of our professional bail agents could get your loved one out of jail within the hour.

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