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About The City Of Pomona, CA

The city of Pomona lies towards the border of the Los Angeles County and is considered the fifth largest city in the county. According to the 2010 census, the city of Pomona has a population of...


about 150,000 people. There are many things for people to do in the city and this place is famous for its downtown Pomona, which consists of a few blocks filled with lounges, bars, clubs, and restaurants.


There is always something to do in that area. Because of this area, there is a lot of potential for crime and danger, but the Pomona Police Department has and will continue to do an amazing job at keeping the peace through the streets of the city.


The men and women of the Pomona Police Department go through intense training to make sure that they are ready to handle any situation in the city. Once they are hired by the Pomona Police Department, they will go through some more training to meet the unique needs of the city of Pomona.


They constantly patrol the city to ensure that the streets are always safe, but also to make sure that they find any possible dangerous crime that is being committed. The police department also sets up random checkpoints to catch anybody driving under the influence, which ensures that the streets are always safe to drive on.

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