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Pomona Courthouse

courthouse pomona

The Pomona Police Department is located not too far away from the courthouse and it depends on this courthouse to handle all of the criminal cases that they create from arrests. Each Courthouse in the county of Los Angeles has an area of cities that it will serve all of its legal duties for, so there will not necessarily be a courthouse in every city in California.


This is to better organize the system so that there are not too many different courthouses handling a bunch of cases. Some of the operations that this courthouse is responsible for include: Appeals, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Juvenile Law, Mental Health, Probation division, Small Claims division, and the Traffic division. All of these different parts of the courthouse are for the public and police agencies to use at their disposal. If you have any issues regarding any legal matter, then you will have to come to this courthouse to handle it. Some people mistake courthouses for just being for criminals, but they are truly for the entire community including law enforcement.


The safety of everyone in the courthouse is extremely important, which is why everyone that enters the courthouse will be searched. The Pomona Courthouse also has its very own police department inside of the courthouse. The job of the police that are stationed at the courthouse is to keep the building as safe as possible at all times. They are equipped for this job because all of the police are highly trained and experienced from field work.


If you have any safety concerns while at the courthouse, you could go to their office and file a complaint or ask them questions. However, they are prepared for any situation at the courthouse so that you could handle all of your legal needs without worrying about your safety and the safety of others. It is important that everybody visits their local courthouse to become more familiar with how it operates and its functions. It is an important tool in our judicial system that needs to be utilized in order to make your legal duties more practical.

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