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How Bail Bonds Work In Pomona!

how bail works!

When someone has been arrested in the city of Pomona, they will most likely be taken to the Pomona Police Department, which is located at 490 W Mission Blvd, Pomona, CA 91766. Once the arrestee arrives at the jail, he or she will be met by an officer on duty and will have his or her personal belongings confiscated for safekeeping for the remainder of the time that the defendant spends at the jail.


The defendant will then be given a set of police department issued clothing for the jail. The jailer will then gather all of the information of the defendant such as his or her name, date of birth, and some other personal information. The arrestee will then need to take a picture in order for the jailer to input all of this information into the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Database for future reference. Once the jailer has finished entering the inmate into the database, he or she will then send the defendant to have his or her fingerprints taken via the LiveScan Machine. The purpose of the fingerprint scan is to determine whether the inmate is wanted in any other agency or state.


The way this process works is the fingerprints are taken and then sent to the Department of Justice through the LiveScan Machine. The Department of Justice will then run the fingerprints through all of their databases and report back to the jailer of any information that may come up regarding the inmate. The jailer will not legally be able to clear any inmate for bail until he or she has received the results from the LiveScan back. While the jailer waits for the this process to finish, our bail bondsman at Pomona Bail Bonds will contact you with a place and time to meet so that you could fill out all of the necessary paperwork in order to complete the bail bond process.


Throughout this entire time, our agent will be continuously contacting the jail to get an update on the inmate so that the agent will know the exact minute that the inmate is cleared for bail. When our agent confirms that the inmate is cleared for bail, then he or she will immediately turn the bond in to complete the bail bonds process. The jailer will then have to verify that all of the information in the paperwork is correct and then he or she will begin the jail release process, which could take anywhere from half an hour to several hours, depending on how busy the jail is at that time. When the defendant is released from jail, our agent will be waiting outside the door and will have the defendant sign some paperwork.


The agent will then hand one of you an official bail bond receipt, which will contain all of the court information that the defendant will need to know in order to complete his or her case. It is vital that the inmate shows up to all of his or her court dates on time in order to avoid going back to jail.

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