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Police Chase Ends at The Pomona Police Department

It started off as a normal day at the Pomona Police Department, but it would take a bizarre turn later that day earlier this week. Pomona police heard of a slow-speed pursuit that started in the city of Rancho Cucamonga and they all started to watch the pursuit on tv. They watched the suspect travel west towards Los Angeles, when they noticed that the suspected turned onto Mission Boulevard, which is where the Pomona Police Department is located. Officers on duty continued to watch the tv with concern and were waiting for the unthinkable to happen. The suspect got closer to the police department and then pulled into the parking lot of the Pomona Police Department. Police immediately filled the lobby with their guns drawn. The suspect casually exited the vehicle and walked into the lobby of the Pomona Police Department. The officers arrested the man at gunpoint and handed him over to the CHP. Officers at the scene told reporters that they did not know what the man would have done if none of the officers were in the lobby.

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