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Candles are Most Likely Cause of Fatal Fire in Pomona

Early Tuesday morning, firefighters were called to an alley trash fire in the 1200 block of W. First Street, but they found more than they thought they would. Once the firefighters put out the fire, they found one man dead in what looked like a makeshift homeless camp. Police then arrived at the scene along with arson investigators. After a short investigation, the arson investigators and the police determined that the most likely cause of the fire that led to the man’s death was the amount of candles that the man had lit before he went to sleep. The man has still not been identified, but this death is still tragic and an unfortunate one. Firefighters stress the importance of fire safety when lighting candles in any building or type of shelter. It is important to know what you could put the candle next to and what you cannot put the candle next to. Candle fires are so easy to start and could easily get out of control quickly, putting you and your family in danger. The police are asking anyone in the public if you have any information regarding the fire and the man that was killed in it. If you do, then please contact the Pomona Police Department as soon as possible.

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